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Alphamesh manufacturers a range of innovative and versatile metal mesh products and materials used for building facades, architecture and interior design.

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Alphamesh Ringmesh Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel

Alphamesh Ringmesh Bronze



Alphamesh Ringmesh Bicolour


Bicolour Stainless Steel | Bronze

Alphamesh Scalemesh Aluminium



Alphamesh Scalemesh Brass



Alphamesh Metal Fabrics

100% Metal Fabrics

Variety of styles

New Ringmesh Colours

Alphamesh 12.0 stainless steel ring mesh is now available in 6 brilliant RAL colors.

A revolutionary product that changes everything! What was previously only possible with colored, elaborate lighting can now be realized in almost limitless creativity. The ringmesh is painted in the colors signal yellow, signal red, red purple, gentian blue, water blue and emerald green by using a method that is specially tuned to our material. This creates a unique color experience that turns your project into a highlight. Let yourself be inspired by this new variety!

Alphamesh Ringmesh Yellow

Signal Yellow

Alphamesh Ringmesh Red

Signal Red

Alphamesh Ringmesh Red Purple

Red Purple

Alphamesh Ringmesh Gentian Blue

Gentian Blue

Alphamesh Ringmesh Water Blue

Water Blue

Alphamesh Ringmesh Emerald Green

Emerald Green

Fixing Methods

We have developed a number of attachment and installation solutions for our Alphamesh products.

Ceiling installation with round plate attachments

Suspension plates with or without illumination

Wall attachment with tensioning device

Suspension plates construction

Wire cable hanging

Suspension plates

Straight rod fastening

Stainless steel keder profile

Rod fastening with edge stitch

Meander curtains with shaft mounting

Pull-across blinds with folding mechanism

Pull-across blinds with folding mechanism

Alphamesh Projects

Alphamesh products are so versatile. Below are some projects that illustrate how some people have used Alphamesh.

Project Design & Installation

Alphamesh products are distributed throughout Australia by Augen Design. We are happy to help with all aspects of project design, product selection, technical implementation and installation and will ensure you get the full benefits of our products.

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